Mission Statement

The mission of is to increase the visibility and popularity of live music; to create and provide tools and support to help musicians hone their business, marketing, creative, and performance skills; and to create, expand, and enhance live performance opportunities.

The Lists

Nearly ten years ago, a handful of fans and musicians started a discussion list on the newly emerging World Wide Web. The discussion list focussed on the excellence of independent music rarely heard in "mainstream pop culture." In effect, the discussion list successfully created a nation-wide buzz that helped boost the careers of many phenomenal artists. In turn it helped draw recognition to the venues who hosted such musicians. Today, with nearly 3,000 subscribers that original folkmusic discussion list continues to thrive. Its sister list, folkbiz, is dedicated to the business side of music. Lists addressing the needs of djs and venues have spun-off from the success of the original list.

The Big Orange Tarp

The Big Orange Tarp or "BOT" is the mobile "community center" that has appeared in the midst of our camping "villages" at several major U.S. festivals, including Falcon Ridge, Rocky Mountain Folks Fest and this year, Winterhawk. The BOT started when groups of discussion list subscribers began camping together and making personal friendships from their internet connections. Late night song circles (and even some impromptu mid-day strummings) under the BOT have provided some of music's most magical moments.

The Founding Board of Directors

Alan Rowoth, Lead Evangelist and President
Steve Clark
Robert Corwin
Robin Greenstein
Reba Heyman
Vic Heyman
Jake Jacobson
Rod Kennedy
Amy Kurland
Sherry Panzer
Steve Panzer
Bill Parsons
Carl Pelton
Gene Shay
George Wurzbach

Our Future

Guest experts, more links, new tutorials, . . . the sky's the limit. Please stay tuned!

How Can You Help?

We're glad you asked! We need your help to be effective in the community. Here's how.

The "" Team

Alan Rowoth - Project organizer and correspondent.
Jennifer Pelton - Executive Director
Stephen Spencer - Initial Website design.
Robert Curtis - Network and database services.

In addition, the following individuals provided valuable input to the design process:
Steve Clark, Chadd Ferron, Vic Heyman, Kara Longo, Tom Loredo, Tom Neff, Krista Reymann, and Danielle Zucker.
Last Modified: Wednesday 13 September 2000