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Whether it's a songwriter working in Nashville, creating the melodies and lyrics that others record, or a singer or performer of others' material, or the singers and songwriters writings and performing their own music, the artists working in this genre help to make it a very special place.
    This section of "" provides links to the human resources in the folk and acoustic music community.
    The "Browse" area has over one thousand links to official and fan-based pages and sites for singer-songwriters, organized alphabetically.
    The "Search" area provides a Web-wide search mechanism for information about a particular singer-songwriter.


One indispensable artist resource is Musi-Cal, an online musical events database. Through Musi-Cal, you can find out where your favorite performer is playing, or find out what's happening in or around a certain city.

If you know the name of the artist, type it into the search box below and select the "Search" button to retrieve that artist's itinerary directly from Musi-Cal.

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Dogpile is an internet Meta-Search engine that will find just about anything that is out there, if you have the time and patience to sort thru the multitude of hits that it will come up with.

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Doug Henkle has an amazing list of sites that list artist home pages. If you can't find them in one of these resources, they probably aren't on the web!

Sheet Music

If you are looking for sheet music from a particular artist, here is an online store that you can search.
Last Modified: Tuesday 14 Mar 2000