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Wishing you could go out and see some live music? This section of the site might just help you fill up your calendar, with information on venues, festivals, house concerts, and more.

One indispensable show-related resource is Musi-Cal, an online musical events database. Through Musi-Cal, one can find out where their favorite performer is playing, or find out what's happening in or around a certain city.

Simply select one of the four search keys from the option menu below, type in an appropriate search string, and select the "Go!" button to retrieve the requested information directly from Musi-Cal.

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Other Resources

Are you hopelessly mired in the mainstream? If MTV dictates your listening habits, you'll definitely want to visit the Live Daily, the online concert site maintained by TicketMaster.

Whups! Did you wait too long? Wanna pay outrageous prices for scalped tickets to overrated mainstream shows? Visit to see just how good a value a $10 house concert is.

Got RealAudio? UBL has a large archive of live concert recordings available for RealAudio delivery.

If you are insatiable, visit Alan's short list of Internet Radio links
Last Modified: Thur 29 Apr 1999