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    A site map brings a visually-oriented interface to the search process, showing at a glance the hierarchy of categories and sub-categories of information on the site.

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    This search interface will only access pages on "". A Web-wide search interface can be found in the "Artists" section of the site or you can try meta-search engines like Dogpile or Ask Jeeves.

Site Map

   About - information about the site and its creators
   Find - site-wide search and site map
   Help - general assistance with the site

   Browse - an alphabetic list of links to artist resources
   Search - interface to search engines

   Venues - music venue links, arranged by state/province
   Festivals - links to music festivals
   House Concerts - links to house concert resources
   Databases - other lists of resources

   Booking - booking agencies
   Management - artist management companies
   Publicists - publicists
   Record Labels - an alphabetic list of links to record companies
   Photography - photographers who specialize in musicians
   CD Manufacturing - manufacturing and artwork reproduction
   Designers - artwork, web design, etc.

   Folk Alliance - North American Folk Music and Dance Alliance
   Professional - ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, etc.
   Regional - geographically-oriented organizations
   Sub-Genre - sites that represent subsets of the folk music community

   Print - magazines, newspapers and other publications
   Radio - local and nationally syndicated radio programs
   Television - local and nationally syndicated TV programss
   Internet - online media opportunities

   Books - biographies, photo essays, etc.
   Record Stores - where to buy online and offline
   Instructional - books, videos, tapes
   Instruments - makers of all instruments
   Electronics - speakers, amplifiers, pickups, etc.
   Accessories - strings, stands, cases, etc.

   Internet Directory - online information directory
   Mailing Lists - e-mail based discussion lists
   Newsgroups - bulletin boards
   WWW - other similar resources
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