Hello. If you've come to this page, you've likely got some question about the site: how to get around, how to find something in particular, how to submit a new site for inclusion or correct some misinformation in the site.

Basic Navigation

This site utilizes a two-level navigation system - think of them as menus and sub-menus, or chapters and sections. Each navigation bar item - a word or short phrase - is selectable with the cursor or other interface-specific selection method.
    The navigation bar found at the top of each page on the site will take you to each of the major sections of the site: Artists, Shows, Business, Organizations, Media, Shopping, Forums, and the main page for the site, Home.
    The navigation bar on the left side of each page on the site will take you to each of the areas of interest within the current section of the site, rather like sections of a chapter of a book.
    The three navigation items on the side colored in red - About..., Find..., and Help... - are available from any page on the site and contain information or guidance that is applicable regardless of your location within the site.

Finding Items of Interest

Aside from the afore-mentioned navigation bars, this site does have a site map and site-wide keyword search interface available from the Find... side navigation bar item.

Submissions and Corrections

Our team of dedicated volunteers scour the Web, looking for new resources and changes to existing resources. We're not omnicient, though. If you know of a new site to which we should link, or find that something's not working as it should, or know that a particular resource linked to on the site has moved (...or been removed!), please let us know through our online feed center - simply select this image when you see it on any of our pages:

Update This Resource

and you'll be directed there.

Right now, we are going thru a fundamental change in the underlying structure of our site so your submissions may not be immediately reflected in the site. We hope to complete this transition in the next several weeks. Though the overall look and feel of won't change much, the new design should enable us to respond much more quickly to additions and corrections. Thanks for your patience.

Still Confused?

If the information on this page hasn't answered your question, please contact us at and we'll do what we can to answer your question.
Last Modified: Thursday 16 Mar 2000