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Skip Montanaro's Musi-Cal musical events database is, well, the greatest thing since sliced bread. OK, so that's being a bit flippant. It is a wonderful, easy-to-use, and free service to the folk and acoustic music community.
    Artists and management can submit tour dates to the database and easily and quickly correct mistakes in existing database entries. Fans can query the database for the tour dates for their favorite musician, or their favorite venue, or the city to which they're traveling next week. One can even have a customized search e-mailed to them on a regular basis -- say, you wanted to have Musi-Cal send you a list of any Celtic music events happening within an hour's drive of home once a week.
    You can access the Musi-Cal database through the form interface below: select a search key and value, and press the "Go!" button.

Another valuable resource for traveling musicians and music fans is the Pollstar site. Pollstar offers tour schedules, box office results, industry directories, and other industry-related services.
    You can access the Pollstar tour database for artists or cities of interest through the form interface below: select either "Artist" or "City", then type in either (a) the artist's first and last name, or (b) the city and state separated by a comma (example: "Phoenix, AZ"), and press the "Go!" button.

Other Venue Databases

In addition to Musi-Cal and Pollstar, there are other venue databases of interest to the folk and acoustic music community:
Sponsored in part by ASCAP, this site lists tour itineraries, a ticket exchange board, and more.
Billboard TourSearch
Part of the Billboard magazine site, this database of tour schedules is searchable by artist name, record label, booking agent, venue, date, city, and state.

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Last Modified: Sunday 5 Apr 1998