House Concerts


House Concerts




What more intimate setting in which to listen to live music than someone's living room, or back yard...
   House concerts are put on by dedicated music lovers who open their homes to musicians and fans for an afternoon or evening of music in comfortable surroundings.
   If you're interested in reading up on what it takes to put on a house concert, Michael Cooney has put together a list of tips for house concert presenters that is very helpful.
   If you're interested in attending a house concert, perhaps one of the listed resources is in your area. Most of these links are to e-mail addresses.
   If you know of a site that isn't linked here, but should be, or find an error in our listings, please contact us at and we'll work to make the correction as quickly as we can.


The Acoustic Cafe
Hayden, Alabama


Russ and Julies House Concerts
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Scott Duncan House Concerts
Los Angeles, CA, USA


Grassy Hill Acoustic Concerts
Lyme, Connecticut


Blue House Acoustic Shows
Dekalb, Illinois

Molly's Place
Chicago, Illinois

Ron & Mary Lewis
Evanston, Illinois


Bethesda Acoustic House Concerts
Bethesda, Maryland

Panzer House Concert Series
Columbia, Maryland

The Peltonian Embassy
Baltimore, Maryland

Moore Music (In The House)
Rockville, Maryland

Kim Kaplan
Silver Spring, Maryland


John & Linda Henry
Worcester, Massachusetts

New York

Blair Woods
Buffalo, New York


Musical Lairs House Concerts
Philadelphia, PA, USA


Hostelling International
Austin, Texas

Live Oak Coffeeshouse Concerts
Austin, Texas

Rouse House Concerts
Austin, Texas

Belton Acoustic Concert Series
Belton, Texas

Flowers in the Desert
Brenham, Texas

Welcome Home Concerts
College Station, Texas

Randi Faust & Carl Herman
Houston, Texas

Sand Mountain House Concerts
Houston, Texas

Roland's Next Door
Jacksonville, Texas

Urban Campfires
San Antonio, Texas

Waldo's Coffeehouse
Waco, Texas

Acoustic Concert Tours
Wylie, Texas


Club Acoustic House Concerts
Herndon, Virginia


The Endangered Folk Singer Series (Rich & Cindi Morgan)
Franklin, Wisconsin

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